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Dr. Nick and I (Dr. Nicole) have done everything, we've hired the best of the best mentors, from Dr. Klinghardt (who worked with us 1:1) to Tony Robbins, Dr. Demartini, Chris Kresser, Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Mercola to everyone in between. We started as chiropractors, built a fully integrative facility and all along have strived to be the BEST for our patients...
Now, truth is, there are some really incredible people out there doing some really cool things. 
But confidently I can say there is nothing like IIW or anywhere close to the amount of results coming out of this program so I just wanted to take a second and reinforce to you that you're in healthy soil, a really good place for GROWTH, and I want to congratulate you on this step.
First I’ll explain how this program is divided up, how to get started, and then the immediate actions / next steps required for you to get started.
Clinic Audit → Creating your custom Growth Roadmap to your dream Integrative Medicine Practice
  • 60 Minute Clinic Audit with Dr. Nicole to determine your strengths, weaknesses, roadblocks, and practice vision.  This will allow us to establish you clinical goals, operational goals, and marketing goals
  • ​Customization of your practice roadmap to evolve your clinical approach, build your business, and reach your revenue goals
  • ​Design your Ideal Work Day and your Ideal Work-Life Balance
  • ​Clarify your Ideal Client
  • ​Tools to be productive and effective while maintaining personal balance
  • ​Tools to set your business up for success
Practice Additions → According to your vision, what vendors, equipment or clinical tools do you need.
  • Setting up your accounts with the top lab companies
  • Setting up your practice with the proper equipment and technology
  • Setting up accounts with the best supplement companies 
  • ​Proper documentation and utilizing electronic medical records
  • ​Understanding insurance in reference to lab testing
  • ​Other vendors that are appropriate to help you run your business 
  • ​Paperwork for proper consultations and follow ups
Practice Integration → Core Curriculum for your Practice
We have strategically laid out our programs to take our student along a journey of practice evolution.  Dr. Nick and I have been on a entrepreneurial journey that changed year to year.  Through our learnings, we are aware of the challenges that come along with clinical care, patient results, hiring-firing, running a business, and managing a family life.  So we are here to support you through the process.  
Your Getting Acquainted Call with our team will determine which program you are eligible for.
You may have been in practice for many years and feel that you want to move into Tier 2 which is for Advanced Practitioners. You may very well be a GREAT candidate for that program but consider this… 

Advancing your business on a crappy foundation slows progress due to things breaking, dysfunctioning, not going smoothly, not having the man power, not having the time, etc. There is a mess that has to consistently be cleaned up. You would not build a gorgeous new home on a cracked foundation. This does not mean your business needs a lot of work but there might be strategies, technologies, or techniques that can be implemented to set you up for success. Most importantly, setting road map for where the heck you are trying to go. 

In addition, if you have been focused on diet and supplement approach with your patients or working with more basic conditions like gut dysbiosis and hormone issues you may not have adequate knowledge and experience to jump into working with chronic illness and mystery illness cases. We are not saying that you want to work with chronic illness BUT it will 100% be coming through your doors.  We have to master the foundational principles of Integrative Medicine before being equipped to get success with chronic illness patients.  It is like playing a video game, you have to master every level to work your way up to the advanced levels. You can not jump from level 1 to level 27 just because you want to. 
For Beginners: Setting the Foundation for a Successful Integrative Medicine Practice [6 months]
Advanced Practitioners: Advancing Integrative Medicine and your Business [9 months]
Mastery Students: Mastering Integrative Medicine and Up leveling your Business 
[12 months]
“Elevating and Evolving your healthcare practice”

“Putting on your Big Girl and Big Boy Pants”
“Becoming a master of your life and your craft”

  • Doing a consultation and health history
  • ​Running lans and how to work with insurance
  • ​Disease 101
  • ​Integrative Medicine 101
  • ​Testing 101
  • ​Advanced Technologies 101
  • ​Understanding the common denominators in chronic illness 
  • ​Gut Health 101:  Intro to Functional gut testing, dietary protocols, supplements & lifestyle, integrative approaches to gut health
  • ​Dental Module
  • ​Breakdown of Nutritional Diets and how to prescribe the right plan for your patient.
  • Integrative approaches to Neurological Degeneration and overall Brain Health
  • A deeper look at the root cause to autoimmunity and integrative approaches to managing conditions.
  • Understanding Lyme Disease, Co-Infections, and Retroviruses
  • ​An Integrative approach to Hormonal imbalance, Thyroid Conditions, and the HPTA axis. 
  • ​Debunking viral infections and their role in chronic illness 
  • Understanding Mold Toxicity and Chronic Inflammatory Syndrome 
  • ​Evaluating heavy metal toxicity, chemical toxicity, and chemical sensitivity
  • ​Integrative approaches to nutrition and supplementation
  • Chronic Skin Conditions, Allergies, and sensitivities
  • Mastering Quantum Medicine in Clinical Practice: understanding the use of Biofeedback technologies
  • The basic of Functional Neurology: understanding testing, neurological exercises, neurological therapies, supplementation, and ketogenic diets.
  • Exploring advanced neurological technologies such as qEEG and Neurofeedback
  • ​Understanding and implementing Scar Release in chronic illness: introduction to the Viaderm technology + Sound Wave Therapy
  • ​An introduction to Bioenergetic Medicine + Quantum Medicine
  • ​Understanding Functional Neurology and its role in neurological conditions
  • ​Providing emotional support to your patients using the methods of Dr. Demartini
  • ​The basics of autonomic testing and muscle testing: How to leverage muscles testing in your practice 
  • ​Comprehensive Blood Work
  •  The value in urinary testing
  •  How to understand Stool Analysis and its limitations
  •  How to test for infections including Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections 
  •  Nasal Swab Testing for infections in the sinuses that can affect the brain, thyroid, and tonsils.
  •  Breath Test SIBO Testing
  •  Genetic Testing
  •  DNA PCR Testing 
Since so much is missed in conventional tests we also focus on the use of the other Advanced Diagnostics
  • Bioresonance Scanning: A style of testing that can scan for dysfunction in the tissue on a cellular level and determine what pathology exists with in that tissue. The scan provides immediate results.
  • Bioscan SRT: A method that can determine food allergies and emotional stress.
  • Oligoscan for Heavy Metals and Minerals: A method of testing that can determine heavy metal toxicity from dental work, environmental exposure, or food derived and can determine intracellular mineral abundance which is unable to be found through traditional blood work.
  • Autonomic Response Testing: (ART): A style of testing to look at tissue dysfunction and infections within all organs of the body, the brain
  • Physical + Neurological Examination: the doctor performs and physical and neuro exam in our pain program, brain program, and chiropractic program
  • qEEG Brain Map: the brain map is completed in the brain program
Practice Journey → Your resource for Marketing, Social Media, Messaging, and your Customer Journey + Experience
Starting Out

Advancing your Practice 
Mastering your Business

  • ​Messaging on marketing platforms.
  • ​Messaging on your website
  • ​Establishing your Ideal Client
  • ​Your customer journey: onboarding to conversion to programs to maintenance 
  • ​Messaging on marketing platforms.
  • ​How to train your sales team & front desk team 
  • ​How to price your services 
  • ​How to set up Integrative Programs 
  • ​How to leverage social media
  • Upleveling your in-office Policies and Procedures 
  • Creating better boundaries with patients
  • Organizational Software, Email Marketing, CRM, and other Platforms
  • Scaling your Team according to your growth
  • ​Debunking viral infections and their role in chronic illness 
  • Creating a Ladder with your Offers 
  • Advanced Sales Processes 
  • Your Perfect Webinar
  • Team Hiring : VA, Sales, practitioner
  • ​Implementing Human resources and platforms that streamline Human resources processes
  • ​Implementing Leadership techniques with patients and employees
  • Scaling your Team to match your growth or continue your growth
  • Organizational Software, Email Marketing, CRM, and other Platform
  • ​Providing emotional support to your patients using the methods of Dr. Demartini
  • ​Upleveling your Offers or creating streams of Passive Income in healthcare
  • ​Masterful Sales Processes: implementing sales funnels
Upcoming Events
Nov. 8-9th 2019
2-Day Live Training on New Patient Onboarding, Bioresonance, and Bioscan Technology
January 2020
2-Day Live Training on Advanced approaches using Bioresonance and Bioscan Technology
April 2020
2-Day Live Training on patient evaluations, bioresonance, bioscan technology, and muscle testing
July 2020
2-Day Live Training on functional neurology, muscle testing, bioscan, and bioresonance technology


Our custom portal is the one-stop-shop for all of your online educational materials


Coach with Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole on the weekly conference calls.


Work with Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole Live to learn hands on techniques, high level practice management, and advances medical technologies 


Work with your team of coaches and your concierge support
  • IIW Clinical Modules: You’ll have specialized IIW mentorship from Dr. Nicole and Dr. Nick to help answer your questions and provide guidance, encouragement and feedback during the live modules. They bring expertise from integrative approaches to chronic illness, tech and advanced diagnostic equipment, supplement and dietary protocols, functional neurology and more. 
  • Lesson Comments: During each training module, you’re invited to comment, post your questions and get the help you need. During the mastermind, you’ll have a live response from the doctors 
  • Community: We’re proud to create an active, encouraging and supportive communities on that will advance clinical approaches and evolve how physicians think about healthcare. We aim to have IIW students often become friends, trusted colleagues and even business partners..
  • Case Review Hours: In being part of our elevated tier program, you will hop on live “Case Review Hours” calls with Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole. They will tackle your clinical questions and provide guidance to move you ahead in practice. We also record and transcribe all calls so you can listen and learn at your convenience.
  • IIW Team Support: We take customer care to heart. If you have technical issues or are simply having a challenge you need help with, write and we’ll take care of you as quickly as we can. Our customer service team is extraordinary and can be reached M-F, from 9am – 5pm Eastern US time
Just looking for content and no coaching?
We have an online program that is solely for education.
This Program Does NOT offer
  • No online support
  • ​No coaching calls
  • ​No In-House Training
  • ​​No Clinical Tools like paperwork, meal plans, nutrition plans, or insurance documentation
  • ​​No one-on-one sessions with Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole 
  • ​​No Business development
  • ​No marketing strategies 
  • ​​No technology Training
  • ​No advanced techniques 
This is available in the Beginner, Advanced, & Mastery Programs
This Program Does Offer
  • Gut Health 101: Dysbiosis, Leaky Gut, Integrative Approaches 
  • ​​Chronic Skin Conditions, Allergies, and sensitivities
  • ​​A deeper look at the root cause to autoimmunity and integrative approaches to managing conditions.
  • ​​Understanding Lyme Disease, Co-Infections, and Retroviruses
  • ​​An Integrative approach to Hormonal imbalance, Thyroid Conditions, and the HPTA axis. 
  • ​​Debunking viral infections and their role in chronic illness 
  • ​​Understanding Mold Toxicity and Chronic Inflammatory Syndrome 
  • ​​Evaluating heavy metal toxicity, chemical toxicity, and chemical sensitivity
For our Integrative Medicine Programs that offer personalized strategy sessions, coaching calls, and live trainings.  Set up a call with our team.
Institute for Integrative Wellness Q&A
Q: Where is the program located?
Everything is online — no travel is required.
You have lifetime access to the training, so you can go through the materials each week as they’re released in the student portal, or you can slow things down and work at your own pace.
If you choose to embark on the training for the medical technology, that would require travel to Belmar NJ for a weekend. We are at the beach, it’s not too shabby! 
Q: How is IIW different?
This program has been masterpiece in the making for the past few years. We have nailed down our approach to clinical care and packaged it up into an accessible online program. What we teach will transform your practice, your profitability, and shift how healthcare is being done. We believe the people deserve better medicine and we are committed to helping doctors be part of that movement.
IIW is action-oriented, purpose driven and transformative. We deeply care about you — our students. You get lifetime access to the training.

We are and will always be constantly updating and improving every aspect of the program.
Q: How much time do I need to commit?
If you plan to work through the live program in real time, we recommend between 2-3 hours per month to watch the training, complete your implementation guide and — if you are in a higher tier program — spend an additional 2-3 hours working with Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole reviewing patient case studies, business development, and marketing.

Many of our students go through the program as best they can; pausing and returning to it as their schedule allows.
If you’re not able to carve out that much time at first, don’t worry. You get lifetime access to the training and can easily work at your own pace, on your own schedule. Most of our students have full-time jobs or businesses and families. This experience is designed to stretch you, but it can also be customized to your life.

To be clear, there are no fast or guaranteed results. Building a business that matters is not a 6 month, linear event. This program mirrors the reality of entrepreneurship — it’s intense, time consuming, demanding and something you’ll work on for the life of your business.
Q: What will I learn?
We outline the course breakdown, including our core curriculum above.

But the power of IIW does not lie in propriety videos or secret formulas. All the information you could ever need to start and grow a Integrative Medicine business is available online, right now. As E.O. Wilson remarked, “We’re drowning in information, but starving for wisdom.”

If you’re not aware of what you need to know and apply to your practice — and what you don’t — all the information in the world doesn’t help.

IIW is a transformative experience. It’s action oriented and strategic. It’s not about access to secret supplement protocols and fancy laboratory tests. It’s about doing the work, being seen for who you are, leveraging your unique strengths and getting challenged to grow into your full potential.

In our humble opinion, who you’ll become as a result of completing our program is priceless.
Q: What is not covered?
We outline the specific course breakdown, including the core curriculum above.
Q: How much does it cost?
In 2019, the tuition for IIW will be held at a lower price point as we pilot our program. We are using your feedback and experience to customize the program and client experience. We greatly appreciate your participation in cultivating the IIW program to help evolve in how healthcare is being done.
Q: Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes. We’ve always backed our program with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Here’s how it works.

Participate in up to the first IIW Modules from the start of the live program. If you no longer feel that IIW is right for you, send us an email.
We’ll ask for your completed coursework to make sure you gave it a go, and ask what didn’t work for you so we can learn and improve. Once we receive your completed coursework, you’ll get a swift and complete refund.

Do pay attention to dates. We make the refund deadline extremely clear to everyone who signs up.

The deadline exists because, if you sign up for IIW, we want you to get started. We pour enormous human effort into this program and we want to devote that effort to students who are committed. If you don’t plan on starting right away, make sure this is the right investment for you as the refund period does have a firm deadline.

If you do the IIW work and don’t get the value, submit your completed homework within the first Module week, and get a full and complete refund. Simple as that.
Q: What types of payment do you accept?
We accept all common credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. For pay-in-full orders, we can also accept PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. We are not currently set up to receive checks or invoices.
Q: Who is right for IIW?
IIW is for big-hearted doctors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, established and aspiring functional and integrative medicine practitioners.

The experience is designed to help you transform how you think about healthcare so you can grow a business you believe in. 
Q: Who is NOT right for IIW?
It’s not right if you’re looking for a one-on-one business or functional medicine coach.

Our program is not right for those that are close minded and not wanting to expand how they think about medicine.

Our program is not right if you’re looking to market to your fellow students. IIW is a pitch-free environment.

This program is not right if you hope to learn by osmosis. IIW is for action-takers who understand that real change happens with consistent, focused effort over time.

IIW is not right for someone looking for a cookie cutter “plug and play” system to make money. This is not a “get rich quick” program. It’s a “get great over a period of time” program.
Q: Will this work if I am outside of the US?
Definitely. The principles you’ll learn are universally applicable.

More importantly — the skills, habits and confidence you’ll develop from this experience are transformative, transferrable and will benefit you for a lifetime.
Q: Do I need to be tech savvy to be in IIW?
As long as you’re hungry to learn, you’ll be fine.
Q: Can my partner and I do IIW together?
IIW is a single membership program. Meaning, one person per membership. If you’d like to do the program along with your partner, please enroll separately.
Q: How is IIW different than other online courses?
There’s more free information available to more people on every imaginable subject, including functional medicine, than ever before in human history.

But if you’re not aware of what you need to know and what you don’t, all the free information in the world won’t help. Putting yourself in IIW means putting yourself in an environment designed to help you unleash the wisdom to transform people’s lives.
Q: Will I speak directly with Dr. Nicole and Dr. Nick?
This is a group learning experience so getting guidance and support is never more than a few minutes away. You’ll have limited access to Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole one on one but you will have more access in our programs, in a small group setting. You will also have access to outstanding support from the IIW team for miscellaneous inquiries about your program.
Q: Will I get CEU credits?
This will be available in 2020.
Q: Will I get a certificate or official course credit?
This will be available in 2020.
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